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Let the world know you're a family-friendly, fun-loving kind of guy (or gal) with this easy-to-use Family stencil. Written in cursive, this whimsical text-based stencil makes it easy to pretend you're an award-winning interior decorator or just someone with great handwriting. Simply lay the stencil across any surface begging for a creative touch and apply your paint. Try the Family sign stencil on its own, or in combination with any of our other word-based stencils.

As with all Stencil Revolution stencils, this cutie is made out of a single 10mm-thick piece of durable, reusable Mylar. In other words, you'll be able to use it over and over again, on any surface you can think of without worrying about it tearing or getting damaged by paint. Apply it around the home, in the garden, or as part of a fun DIY project on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Oh and don't forget to select a size for your Family stencil before purchasing. Our word stencils come in a variety of sizes, perfect for whatever incredible projects you're currently cooking up. Keep in mind however, that the listed sizes are for the sheet of Mylar itself— the actual ‘family' part of the stencil is a little bit smaller. When in doubt, it's probably best to go a little larger than you think you might need as we include a 0.75” inside margin with all stencils so you have an edge to hold on to while you create your next masterpiece.

Once you're done, join the revolution by showing us your new creations and tagging us on Instagram. We freaking love hearing from our customers! Especially when we get to see all the incredible, creative uses you folks come up with for our stencils. Heck, you could almost say we're like one big happy family (pun alert!).

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