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You need a Farm Fresh Eggs stencil? You're one of those people, aren't you?

You've been raising your own chickens and now you've got far more eggs than you ever bargained for. What seemed like fun at the time has now become a seemingly unending conveyor belt of fresh chicken eggs. You can only eat so many!

It's time, as your wife keeps reminding you, to hatch a plan to get rid of them.

And now, armed with a bucketful of delicious eggs, a tabletop, and a small cash box, you're almost ready to start selling your organic treats by the side of the road. Eggcept for one thing…

You need a sign.

Something artsy, but with clear, hand-painted lettering that people can see from their car. But you're just a newly-minted chicken farmer, NOT a professional artist. If only there was a simple way to create such a sign. One that's already been designed by a professional, experienced design team and could simply be painted on any surface with minimal effort.

Well… what if I told you that the solution you're looking for is here, amigo? And what if I told you it looks great, will only cost you a few bucks, and will help you begin attracting customers to your organic egg stand right away? Introducing, the oddly-specific, Farm Fresh Eggs Stencil.

Use this beauty to start an egg business, organize your pantry, or confuse house guests when they notice that you keep all your toilet paper in a wooden trunk labeled Farm Fresh Eggs.

As with all our stencils, this one is built out of durable, 10mm-thick Mylar. Reusable, waterproof, and easy to clean, this stencil can be used over and over again on any surface you'd like. Choose from one of seven different sizes and get painting— those eggs won't sell themselves!

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