Flower of Life Stencil

Our flower of life design can transform your craft project into an amazing creation. Not only do you get the flower of life stencil but it also comes with the seed of life on the same stencil. This way you can create the perfect project with sacred geometry using both symbols in your work. It will work great for your walls or even smaller crafts, the meaning is widely accepted as deeply spiritual and forms enlightenment to its viewers. There are people that believe God used a geometric pattern to create the universe. While opinions differ we can agree that the symbol has a positive meaning and is also extremely beautiful to look out. This is one of our favorite stencils to watch cut, the intricate details really pushes our laser to the limit. The flower of life has a companion stencil, the seed of life which works great with this design. This stencil won't let you down for leaving a very detailed design that viewers will most definitely be impressed with.