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You can't have summer without it. You can't smell a hotdog without thinking about it. And while watching it on TV is okay, there is nothing like being at the park and watching game unfold live, with all the energy tingling in the air around you. Well, if you love the game, you cannot possibly get a more classic symbol of baseball than our fantastic gymnastics stencil. And it's a symbol that you can paint absolutely anywhere you want.

Seriously, with the right type of paint, you can paint on walls, windows, paper, metal, plastic, wood, fabric, and more. That means you are going to be the best parent ever if you decorate your child's room with this stencil design. Use the largest stencil size for a mural or the smallest one to paint a wall border around the room. Make party invitations with it. Create art, posters and signs for the big game, or any other creative use you can imagine. There are no limits!

You can easily order the right stencil size from our range of sizes, which runs from small to medium to large. This gives you the opportunity to paint your creation no matter the size. Just secure the stencil and paint using a roller, brush, or spray in the color of your choice. People will be so amazed when they see what you've done, they will be banging on your door to borrow it, which means it's a good thing this stencil is washable and reusable. It's the best DIY investment you might ever make! Unless, of course, you get more stencils.

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