Halloween Porch Trick Or Treat Sign Stencil

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Trick-or-treating is the best thing about Halloween, even when you are the one handing out the treats. You get to cozy up, enjoy a warm drink or a glass of wine, and enjoy the kids and their costumes as they descend upon your home for the big evening. And you want all these kids to feel welcome on your porch or doorstep. Sure, leaving your porch light on is a must, but having an awesome decorative sign on your porch is also great. This is why we have created our Halloween Porch Trick-Or-Treat Sign stencil.

This sign is vertical and says, “TRICK or TREAT” in a fun font with a flourishing scroll design on either side of the word “or.” It's simple, yet elegant and classy at the same time and it's perfect for any front porch, front step, or entryway, whether to a house, a workplace, or the Halloween event of the season. Think a wood or metal sign you can hang every year. Think posters and signs painted for an event. Think a sign painted in a store window or glow-in-the-dark on a trick-or-treater's loot bag.

All you need to make this happen is the correct stencil size, chosen from the following range of sizes:

  • 3” x 6”
  • 5” x 11”
  • 18” x 8”
  • 11” x 24”
  • 36” x 16”
  • 48” x 22”
  • 55” x 25”

And of course, you need the right paint for the surface on which you are painting, whether that is fabric, paper, glass, wood, metal, or another surface. Best of all, you can create your porch sign quickly and easily, either this one or our Halloween Porch Sign stencil, leaving you plenty of time for your other Halloween preparations. Just secure the stencil and spray, roll, or brush the paint in place. The design will look perfect and cleanup will be easy. And you'll definitely have friends who will want to borrow your stencil, so beware.

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