Hanukkah Star Cookie Stencil


Hanukkah is a very special time of year, full of family, food, and celebrations. The menorah takes center stage during this important time of year, but there is also plenty of food and baked goods to help commemorate this special time. Why not add some baked goods that symbolize the celebration? Now you can, using our Hanukkah Star Cookie stencil to make your holiday baking come alive.

The Hanukkah Star Cookie stencil offers you the perfect way to decorate cookies to celebrate the season. The 5.5” x 5.5” food-grade stencil offers the Star of David as a design that can easily be iced onto cookies that are 3” or 4” in diameter. Whether you are making a single batch of cookies for your immediate family or dozens of cookies for a larger gathering, you will be able to ice the cookies quickly and they will look totally professional.

The best way to use the Hanukkah Star Cookie stencil is to coat the cookie in a basecoat of icing. Then simply lay the stencil over the cookie and pipe the design onto the cookie using a fine-tipped icing tool. You can do this on cookies of any shape and you can even do it on large cupcakes. Just imagine plates of these cookies sitting next to your menorah. In fact, you can also use our Hanukkah Candles Cookie stencil and our Hanukkah Dreidel Cookie stencil to give more variety to your cookie designs.

And when you're done, it's a simple as washing the stencil and tucking it safely away until you need it again. After all, the stencil is 100% reusable, which means you can share it with friends and family and you can use it year after year to make your Hanukkah baking easier than ever. What a great investment!

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