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As if your humble abode wasn't cozy enough, this Home Sweet Home stencil will help you take even the cutest country cottage to a whole new level. Apply this adorable blend of humble hand-lettering and whimsical design to any surface begging for a little creative touch. Works great in your home's entrance way, above the fireplace, or applied to paper and then framed. Basically, this is art waiting to happen— order now and get started.

Used on its own, the Home Sweet Home stencil can be pretty darn cute. However, combine it with any of our other Word Stencils (such as the ever popular You Are My Sunshine stencil) and you'll be in a whole new league of adorable. When you're done, show us what you've created by tagging us on Instagram using the hashtag #stencilrevolution. After we've had a chance to fall in love with your art, we'll feature it on our account for all of our followers to admire.

If you've ever ordered one of our competitors' stencils and had it fall apart after a couple of applications… fear not. Each of the stencils produced here at StencilRevolution is crafted from 10mm-thick Mylar: the same material currently used by astronauts on the ISS. This stuff is durable, washable, and will stand up to multiple uses. Once you're done being crafty for the day, simply wash your stencil with a little water or a paint thinner like acetone. Let dry, and you'll be ready for your next creative project.

As you order, you'll notice that you're asked to select a size from one of the listed options. Before you do, note that the sizes we've listed include a .75” inside margin. That is, the sizes are for the entire sheet of Mylar, margin and all, NOT for the artwork itself. With this in mind, you may want to order one size larger than you feel necessary.

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