Houndstooth Cookie Stencil


The houndstooth pattern is a classic, having been used for millennia in fabric and clothing designs. It's just as popular today as ever and if you love the houndstooth pattern then we have a wonderful and unique way to bring it into your life – with the use of our Houndstooth Cookie pattern! Yes, you can literally stencil the houndstooth design right onto your homemade cookies, turning this popular pattern into a yummy treat everyone will love.

What a great way to make decorative and unique cookies for an event you have to bake for. Whether you are decorating cookies to sell, or you have a special party, a fundraiser, a bake sale, or some other event, you can literally decorate dozens of cookies with the Houndstooth Cookie stencil in just a few minutes. Yet these cookies will look completely professional.

The secret is in the 5.5” x 5.5” food-grade mylar stencil, which is designed specifically for use with cookies that are 3” to 4” in size. Simply ice your cookies with a basecoat. Then lay the stencil over each cookie and apply a complementary color using a fine-tipped icing applicator. It super easy to get a perfect design on every cookie.

And don't forget that we have loads of other cookie stencil designs, such as the Chevron Cookie stencil, so you can mix and match your designs for a fabulous assortment of cookies. When you're done decorating, you can wash the stencil and tuck it away. It's durable and will last for many years with the proper care, making it the perfect DIY investment for your baking needs.

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