Leftovers Are For Quitters Stencil

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Do you love stuffing yourself full at Thanksgiving dinner, or any other big dinner for that matter? There is always so much amazing food that it's easy to heap your plate, gobble it up, and then go back for more. There can be so much food that it's difficult to eat it all, which is why people are usually stuck with a lot of leftovers. Is that a good thing? Maybe. But some people would love our Leftovers Are For Quitters stencil.

The Leftovers Are For Quitters stencil is designed specifically for those people who just don't want to stop eating – or for those people who don't want those leftovers stuffing their fridge full after everyone leaves. The font is fun and casual and there is a big turkey leg with a heart on it. It's the perfect funny design to hang in your dining room at Thanksgiving, when you have everyone gathered around the table.

But you can do so much more with our Leftovers Are For Quitters stencil. As long as you have the right paint for the medium, you can paint this design on any surface, such as walls, glass, wood, metal, plastic, and fabric. And because we offer the stencil in the following sizes, you can easily find the right size for your needs:

  • 5” x 6”
  • 5” x 11”
  • 18” x 12”
  • 24” x 18”
  • 36” x 24”
  • 48” x 32”
  • 55” x 35”

Do you run a restaurant or a community center? Then stencil this design big on the window. Or stencil it onto an apron or make t-shirts for the entire crew of volunteers serving up a nice Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Whatever you choose to do, you can make it unique with colors of your choice. You can even pair it with another stencil design, such as the Feast Mode stencil, for a one-of-a-kind design.

Using the stencil is simple. Just secure it and paint. That's all there is to it. And when you're done, cleanup is just as easy. All you need to do is wash the stencil with warm, soapy water and you can store it away until the next time you need it.

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