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Some people might say you're lucky. Others might say you're blessed. But you know the truth. You're both lucky and blessed to have the things you have in your life. There just isn't any other way to look at it, right? And now you can express your feelings of being lucky and blessed the DIY way with our awesome Lucky And Blessed stencil.

Seriously, if you are healthy, your family and friends are healthy, you have a good job and a nice home, you are lucky and blessed. So, tell the world all about it with this great stencil that simply says, “Lucky and blessed,” in a beautiful script that would suit a casual or formal setting. You can easily paint this design onto a wall in your home, make great stencil art, or make fun t-shirts. You can make a greeting card for someone special. You can even ice a cake with these words to show someone how you feel about them.

All you need to take full advantage of this stencil's versatility is the right paint for the medium and the correct stencil size. The right paint will allow you to paint on any surface you want, such as walls, glass, plastic, fabric, paper, and more. And the right size will make any project doable, whether it's big, medium, or small in scope. Available sizes include:

  • 6” x 6”
  • 8” x 8”
  • 12” x 12”
  • 15” x 15”
  • 20” x 20”
  • 25” x 25”
  • 30” x 30”
  • 35” x 35”

Best of all, you are lucky and blessed that this stencil is so easy to use, whether you use it or choose another similar stencil, such as our Clover Lucky And Blessed stencil. It will take mere minutes from setup to cleanup. All you need to do is secure the stencil, paint the words to create perfection, then remove and wash the stencil. And because this stencil is durable and reusable, you are also lucky and blessed to have the best DIY investment ever.

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