Monkey Bomb Banksy Stencil

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There has perhaps been no one on this planet who has made bigger, bolder statements with his work than Banksy. Known only by that name, this is a man who has used graffiti art to spread messages of astounding significance throughout the world. His works are subtly disturbing and powerful enough to make a statement, even if that statement is up for interpretation, the way art generally is.

Well, we wanted to capture the power of Banksy, so you could bring it into your DIY art and decor, and we have done that with our monkey bomb banksy stencil. This stencil is so powerful, with an image of a banksy canvas with banksy prints. Just imagine the impact it would have if you hung this as art in your home. People would definitely ask you about it. Or maybe you want to make protest signs or create your own graffiti art.

Whatever you choose to do with this amazing design, be sure you get the right stencil size and the right paint for the medium you are painting. We offer the stencil in a range of sizes from small to large, so you can find the right size for any project. And with the right type of paint, any surface is fair game. Think walls, windows, concrete, paper, plastic, metal, canvas, wood, and more. You can even make t-shirts with this design.

And the best part is it's so easy to use. All you need to do is secure the stencil flat to the desired surface and paint. Then remove it and you will have a perfect representation of the original Banksy work. Once you're done, wash the stencil and you can tuck it away until you need it again or pass it on to someone else who wants to spread Banksy's message.

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