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Crafting is fun, we all know that. Drawing, cutting, gluing, stitching, and more help us create some of the most beautiful decorations we have in our home. As we grow into adulthood, our crafting becomes more sophisticated, but it’s still crafting at the heart of it. And stenciling is a way of crafting your own DIY art and décor, which is what we absolutely love. And what better image to stencil than one that relates to crafting, the pencil? That’s the inspiration behind our Pencil Craft stencil.

This stencil design is just one big, bold pencil. It is simple and it is ideal for any number of projects. You can use it to label where the pencils and other crafting supplies are stored. You can use it to make fun stencil art for a kids’ classroom, a community center room, or a Sunday School classroom. No matter what you choose to do with this stencil, you will love doing it and you will love the results.

You will need two things to really make this stencil design work for you. The first is the right paint for the medium. That will allow you to paint on any surface you want, such as glass, paper, wood, plastic, and more. Second, you will need the stencil size that best suits your needs. We laser cut the Pencil Craft stencil in the following sizes:

  • 3” x 6”
  • 5” x 11”
  • 18” x 8”
  • 11” x 24”
  • 36” x 16”
  • 48” x 22”
  • 55” x 25”

Use it on its own or pair it with other stencils, such as the Scissors stencil. Either way, it will be quick, easy, and satisfying. Just secure the stencil, paint, and then wash the stencil in warm, soapy water so it can be used again. This is one DIY investment that will last for years.

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