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So many children of past decades dreamed of traveling to the moon. These days, the dream is to travel to Mars. Were you one of these kids? Regardless of where you travel in space, you will definitely need a rocket ship, something that is being made by private companies today so that regular people can one day travel into the unknown. How exciting!

Now, since you and your kids probably won’t be traveling into space any time soon, we have the next best thing – our Rocket Ship stencil. This stencil shows a fabulous traditional-looking rocket ship blasting through space. It’s fun and is a great way to do some DIY decorating and art.

As long as you have the right paint for the surface you are painting on, you can paint this Rocket Ship stencil design anywhere. Paint it big on your child’s bedroom wall, capturing the magic of astronaut dreams. You can use our Moon And Stars stencil to bring space to the Space Ship design, and you can even use glow-in-the-dark paint to really make this décor spectacular.

Other options for using the Rocket Ship stencil is painting the set of a play or creating signs that show the way to a great space display at a museum. Or you can create fun Space Ship art you can hang in your child’s room, give as a gift, or sell at craft shows. You can even get your kids in on the stenciling fun! We make this possible by offering the Rocket Ship stencil in the following range of sizes:

  • 5” x 6”
  • 8.5” x 11”
  • 18” x 12”
  • 24” x 18”
  • 36” x 24”
  • 48” x 32”
  • 55” x 35”

So, when you are ready to feed that urge to stencil, choose your paint color, secure your stencil, and paint. It’s so simple and the image you create will look entirely professional. And when you are done, you can wash this reusable stencil and store it away for future use or lend it to a friend, so they can create some Space Ship magic.

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