Super Dots Cookie Stencil


If you like dots, you are going to love our Super Dots Cookie stencil. Yes, you can make cookies in any shape you want and decorate it with adorable little dots that you and everyone else will absolutely love. The Super Dots Cookie stencil is perfect when you want to make cookies for a party, special event, classroom, colleagues at work, a wedding shower, anniversary, or any other type of event you can come up with.

What makes the Super Dots Cookie stencil so special? The fact that you can ice one cookie or dozens of cookies quickly and easily and have it look like a professional did it. That's right, you no longer have to dread how long it will take to make and ice four dozen cookies and you will no longer wonder how to decorate them.

The Super Dots Cookie stencil is made using a sheet of 5.5” x 5.5” food-grade mylar that is design specifically to ice cookies between 3” and 4” in diameter. But don't let the word diameter fool you. Your cookies can be any shape you want. Once your cookies are cool enough to ice, apply a basecoat in the color of your choice, then lay the stencil over the cookie, center the design, and use a complementary color to pipe the design right onto the cookie. Easy peasy! And if you want bigger dots, you can also go with our Polkadot Cookie stencil.

This design is suitable for so many different occasions, you will be able to use it over and over again. So, it's a good thing the stencil is washable and reusable. It's also lendable, so if you have friends and family who want to borrow it, you can definitely share the Super Dots joy. Just be sure to get the stencil back when they're done. This is one stencil you'll want to keep on hand.

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