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The Midwest of the U.S. is made up of all the states that form the core and the central-northern portion of the U.S. These states aren't immune to the cold of winter. They are defined by plains and rich farmlands, with the Great Lakes in the northeastern portion. Bison roam free, rivers abound, and the people are as friendly as you can get. Well, we thought it was time to do something amazing to honor these states, and that starts with the Midwestern state of huge stencils, for which we have created our waving american flag stencil.

We can't begin to tell you how much fun it has been to work on this stencil design. We wanted it to accurately capture the authentic flag design in every possible way, and we succeeded. Every detail is perfect, right down to the stencil designs. And it's perfect in every size we offer, from small to large.

Just looking at this stencil design, you might already have ideas of what you can do with it buzzing around in your head. We get that. It can be overwhelming. But you need to decide before you get your paint because you need the right paint for the medium. After all, it won't do you any good to get paper paint and then try to paint on a wooden sign. With the right paint, any medium is fair game, from walls to windows, from concrete to canvas, from fabric to metal.

Best of all, you will be able to paint quickly and have a perfect image as the result of your “hard” work. Okay, it's not hard. Really, it's super easy. Just secure the stencil and paint. Then you can wash the stencil and store it away or pass it on to a friend. It's the perfect DIY investment.

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