Will You Bridesmaid Cookie Stencil


When you get engaged, you will want to choose your bridesmaids carefully. Whether you have to give it some thought or you know right off the bat who you want to ask, you want to do the asking in a special and memorable way. Why not also do it in a tasty way? You certainly can with our Will You Bridesmaid Cookie stencil.

The Will You Bridesmaid Cookie stencil has the words “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on it in a pretty font. The stencil is designed specifically so that you can decorate a set of cookies with your bridesmaids in mind. You can serve these up at your engagement party or do it a little more privately. You can also make cookies with our Will You Matron Cookie stencil and our Will You Flower Girl Cookie stencil to ask your full bridal party to stand with you.

Using the Will You Bridesmaid Cookie stencil is simple. Make or purchase your cookies in whatever shape you'd like. Ice them with a basecoat in any color you choose. Then lay the stencil on top and use a fine-tipped applicator to stencil the words onto each cookie in a complementary color. The stencil size is 5.5” x 5.5” and is designed for cookies that are 3” to 4” in size.

Once you are finished with the stencil, just wash the icing off of it and tuck it away somewhere safe. You might not need it again, but this reusable stencil can be passed on the next time someone you know gets engaged. Then they can pass it on and so on because this stencil will last for many years to come.

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