Bananas with Psychological Problem

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In the eyes of many people, graffiti artists are only slightly above slugs in the evolutionary scheme of things. This may be true of taggers whose only goals are the spread of gang symbols and the spread of gang territory, but the same cannot be said of the shocking and humorous art of the king of the graffiti artistis, Banksy.

Although Banksy was born in a suburb of London and has done the majority of his street graffiti in England, his work is international. His themes cross all cultural and political borders. He uses humor and sarcasm as his primary weapons. His works adorn walls not only in England but also in Australia and America, elevating street art from graffiti to works of art that sometimes fetch astronomical sums of money.

In his scathing Bananas with Psychological Problem, Banksy presents the viewer with a black and while vision of a psychiatrist in his office counseling a banana, with the banana being the one bright spot of color.

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