Boy with Gun

Like This Banksy Art?

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There’s no question that we live in reckless times. And without the jaundiced eye of our artists, such as the street graffito genius Banksy, our world could soon spiral down to a rigid and repressive society. It takes the cock-eyed vision of a street artist like Banksy to help us keep things in perspective.

His famous Boy With Gun is the perfect example. Most of Banksy’s wall graffiti shows up in and around the London area, but this particular piece was stenciled (Banksy’s unique style calls for the use of stencils) on the alley-wall of a building near downtown Los Angeles, California. It portrays a teenage boy with an automatic rifle pointed at a No Parking sign on the wall; the boy is surrounded by graffiti flowers.

The exact interpretation of the piece must, of course, be left to each individual who views it, but it is an eye-catching piece and the message, whatever message the viewer choose to see, is inescapable.

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