Camera Man and Flower

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The Banksy graffiti piece, Camera Man & Flower, came as a pleasant astonishment to the people of Park City, Utah on January 19, 2010. When the owner of Java Cow on Main Street opened her coffee shop that morning she was astonished to discover a mural on the wall of her business establishment. It looked very much like a piece created by the guerilla artist Banksy.

At that time, the artists name was already somewhat familiar to the locals because a documentary about him was set to premiere during the approaching Sundance Film Festival. A number of other Banksy pieces also appeared in neighboring Salt Lake City, so many suspected that the artist was actually in the area and might be participating in the festival. This created quite a stir and attracted people who came from all over, even from places as far away as Europe.

The piece depicts a man holding a portable video camera similar to the ones used by cameramen who accompany news reporters when they go to the field. He is shown as kneeling on the ground and trying to get a close-up of a pink flower by pulling it close. This, sadly, appears to have uprooted the flower. The message is an ironic one. It voices the thought that the lengths people go in order to capture something beautiful for posterity will at times inadvertently destroy the life that embodies its allure.

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