Caveman Fast Food

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Caveman Fast Food originally appeared on the streets of Los Angeles, California. The bareness of this art piece fits the content of the print beautifully by the artist’s choice of only black, white and tan tones. The caveman in the print seems to look outwardly at the passerby as if to yearn for assistance.

The caveman does not smile. He frowns glumly and with a low, sorrowful brow. His gait drags along as he slouches as if regretting his choice of meal. The two windows to the right of the caveman add an air of mystery to the art piece to complement the sorrow of the caveman.

Placing this art piece in a subtle location such as a hallway or far away corner is one way to capture the general affect of the print. The artist has placed a political undertone in his work that suggests all of those who consumer fast food are like Neanderthals, one level below modern humans. This affect suggests the degradation of modern humanity through allegiance to corporate eateries. In one hand the caveman holds a bone as a weapon submissively. In the other he carries his cafeteria tray of burger, fries and soda as if forced to do so.

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