Girl With Dynamite Ice Cream

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This work, Girl With Dynamite Ice Cream, by Banksy, originally appeared on a wall in at Brighton Beach in 2004. A modified version sprayed on planks of wood was on display at Andipa Gallery in London, England in April 2009.

This drawing depicts a young girl holding an ice-cream cone. Unfortunately for her, her ice-cream cone has a stick of dynamite lodged into it. This is representative of the girls innocence being taken away from her, or in this case, literally exploding. This can be a deeper critique on society, as it seems that there are no proper role models for children, and they seem to be easily led in the wrong direction rather than the right one. The young girl seems to be staring at her ice-cream cone intently and excitedly, unaware of the danger that it will momentarily bring to her. This only seems to make the situation even scarier, because we realize that the girl is absolutely subject to the control that society exerts on her, and is not old enough to form her own opinions on things, such as what danger is, or what it is even like to be in danger, in this situation.

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