Monkey Queen

Like This Banksy Art?

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An artist has to see the world through eyes that are different from the rest of us. An artist must filter life and distill the essence of what is all around us. If we wanted exact replicas of life as we all see it, we would simply snap a photo. But art must be different from real life. The semi-underground graffiti artist Banksy’s mind, fortunately, sees the world just slightly differently than the rest of us. It’s what makes his work so unique, so arresting ” so desirable.

Monkey Queen is an excellent example of how Banksy’s mind works. The artwork first appeared at a young people’s club called The Chill Out Zone on Broad Street in Newent. The painting hung on the wall of the club for several months before it was finally moved to the front window, where it caught the eye of several supporters of the Monarchy who felt that the Queen’s likeness as portrayed by a monkey on the Union Jack was disrespectful of both the Queen and the flag. The youth center was asked not to display the image during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

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