Arabesque Stencil

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Freshly cut with our high-precision lasers, this beautiful Arabesque stencil is ready for you take home and fall in love with. The intricate design is reminiscent of the intricate patterns that adorn mosques and Islamic buildings throughout the world and is sure to help you appear cultured and worldly to your friends.

The best part? This stencil is an “all over” design, meaning it was designed to be used in a pattern (the same idea as this one). By repeating the stencil multiple times, you can easily cover any surface with a seamlessly interwoven design within minutes. When you're done painting, tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #stencilrevolution for a chance to be featured on our account.

You won't have to worry about this stencil degrading from repeated use. Built from the same rugged material found in the layers of astronauts' space suits, the Arabesque stencil is washable, durable and oh-so-beautiful. When your walls are looking perfectly Arabesquey, clean your new stencil with warm, soapy water or with a paint thinner like acetone. Easy, right? Order today to begin creating beautiful hand-painted borders, patterns, and wallpapers.

But wait! Before you hit that purchase button, ensure you've chosen a size for your stencil from the list above. You'll want to keep in mind that all our stencils include a .75” inside border between the artwork and the edge of the mylar sheet. In other words, the listed sizes are for the entire stencil, not the artwork itself. For this reason, it may be a good idea to order one size larger than you think you need.

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