Basic Brick Angle Pattern Wall Stencil


You can feel it. You need a change, but what? Should you get a new piece of furniture or a new piece of artwork? Should you hire someone to come in and paint? Well, you could, but why spend all that money when you can create magic in a room all by yourself? Not only that, but you can create a vintage look that will be the talk of the neighborhood. How? With our incredible basic brick angle pattern wall stencil.

This stencil design really does take you back a few decades. And it's perfect for any room in your home or cottage. It will give you the gorgeous look of wallpaper, without the hassle of dealing wallpaper! How great is that? Plus, you can choose any colors you want. Grey on white. White on blue. Yellow on pale green. You are in complete control.

Not only that, but using the basic brick angle pattern wall stencil is a piece of cake. It's big, so you can paint a large section of at one time. And the registration marks on the stencil will guide you so you can align and space the stencil perfectly every time you move it. It will only take a few minutes to paint an entire wall, and all for the cost of the stencil and some paint.

So, get your paint set, secure your stencil, and go for it! Recreate any room you want and then stand back and admire your handiwork. It will be spectacular. And it will make you smile. Oh, and so will the cleanup, with consists of quickly washing the stencil so you can use it again and again.

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