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There is nothing quite like the feeling of watching a sport live. The energy and excitement of the crowd makes it seem like there is nowhere else in the world that exists outside the stadium. And if you love cheer stencil, then you really know the feeling of the excitement of the game. Well, we wanted you to be able to bring even a hint of that excitement into your DIY projects, so we created our awesome cheer cheerleader stencil.

Seriously, the cheerleader stencil lover in your household will go gaga over this stencil design. And you can use it in so many ways, your imagination might just go into overload. Paint it on t-shirts and make one for each member of the family. Use it to help decorate your child's bedroom. Make signs and posters to advertise a game. Create cheerleader stencil art you can hang in your home, give as a gift, or sell at craft fairs. Paint it onto the set of a play to make it look truly authentic.

All you need to make all this and more happen is the right stencil size and the right type of paint for the medium. With that, any surface is open to your creativity and imagination. And you can do this even if you've never stencilled before. Just secure the stencil flat to the surface and paint. The image you will end up with will be perfect and then all you need to do is wash the stencil in warm, soapy water and tuck it away until the next time cheerleader stencil inspiration hits.

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