Easter Basket Cookie Stencil


The Easter basket is a symbol not only of the Christian holiday of Easter, but also of many different celebrations of spring. Designed to collect Easter eggs or to carry spring flowers, the Easter basket is a great design for your holiday baking, no matter what size of crowd you're baking for. This is why we have created our fabulous Easter Basket Cookie stencil.

The Easter Basket Cookie stencil is adorable and full of spring flowers. It's the perfect stencil design, even if you just want to make spring-themed cookies. Whatever the reason you are using it, you can combine this stencil with any of our other Easter stencils, such as the Easter Chick Cookie stencil or the Easter Egg Cookie stencil, for a fun variety of cookie designs.

Using the stencil couldn't be easier. You'll want two colors for your cookie. Use one to put a base layer of icing on the cookie. Then use the other to draw in the design using an icing applicator with a fine tip. You will be blown away by how quickly you can ice even dozens of cookies, making this the perfect way to professionally decorate cookies for any size of event. You can tell people a professional baker made them if you want. We'll keep your secret. The only problem is people will ask you who the baker is!

When you're finished, you will enjoy the ease with which you can clean and store this stencil. It's 100% reusable and will last for many Easters to come, which means you have made a great DIY baking investment. Your friends and family are sure to agree and you know they'll want to borrow the stencil for their own Easter baking.

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