Giraffe Cookie Stencil


Animal patterns are so much fun and one of the funnest of all is the giraffe pattern. This tall, majestic creature has a crazy pattern of spots that is enough to rival any of the spotted wild cats. And now you can bring the giraffe pattern to life in your baking with our Giraffe Cookie stencil.

The Giraffe Cookie stencil features a fabulous and unique pattern of giraffe spots on a 5.5” x 5.5” stencil. The design is ideal for cookies that are 3” to 4” in diameter, although you could also use it for large cupcakes and small cakes. This is the perfect stencil when you are decorating cookies for an animal-themed event, such as a class party, a birthday party, or a fundraiser. You can mix it with any of our other animal cookie stencils, such as the Zebra Cookie stencil or the Leopard Print Cookie stencil, to have a variety of cookie designs.

The Giraffe Cookie stencil is super easy to use. Even a beginner can ice dozens of cookies within minutes, making this the best way to decorate cookies for a big event. And the best part is the cookies will look so good people will think a professional made them. Simply ice your cookies with a basecoat and then lay the stencil over the cookie and apply the pattern in a complementary color using a fine-tipped icing applicator.

Decorating cookies has never been easier and neither has cleanup. This stencil can be washed and tucked away so it can be used again and again. Plus, it's so durable it will last for years to come. Just be ready for friends and family to knock on your door, asking to borrow it for their own cookie decorating projects.

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