Zebra Cookie Stencil


Zebras are whacky looking but also beautiful. These black and white striped creatures range the plains of Africa in herds and are truly stunning. Their stripes make such a great pattern for so many things, including fabric for clothing and furniture. And now, you can bring this zebra pattern to your baking with our fabulous Zebra Cookie stencil.

The Zebra Cookie stencil features a stunning zebra stripe pattern and it is the perfect size to decorate cookies and large cupcakes. The food-grade mylar sheet is 5.5” x 5.5”, which makes it ideal for cookies that are 3” to 4” in diameter. But don't let the word diameter fool you. The cookie doesn't have to be a circle. You can apply the Zebra Cookie stencil pattern to any shape of cookie.

Using the stencil is so easy. Simply apply a base coat of icing to your cookie, then lay the stencil over the cookie and use a complementary color to ice in the zebra pattern using a fine-tipped icing applicator. You can decorate dozens of cookies quickly and easily, which makes this the perfect way to make professional-looking cookies for parties, bake sales, and other events. And if you want to mix and match your animal patterns, then you can also use some of our other cookie stencils, such as the Giraffe Cookie stencil.

So, get your stencil, bake your cookies, and make your icing in whatever colors you desire. Then after you're done decorating, you can wash the stencil and store it away. This stencil will literally last for years, which means you can make zebra cookies whenever you want. Plus, you can lend it to friends and family whenever they need some cookie decorating help.

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