Heart Cat Cookie Stencil


Hearts and cats go together, right? Of course, they do! Especially when we are talking about a design that is perfect for young children. When you have a special occasion, or even if you just want to make something nice for someone you love, we have just what you need for your baking – our Heart Cat Cookie stencil.

The Heart Cat Cookie stencil is a simple and cute design that shows a cat holding a huge heart in its paws. This design is all about love and friendship and is perfect for so many uses. You might have a child's birthday or class party to bake for. Or perhaps you are baking for a fundraiser, a bake sale, or community event. Whatever the reason, our Heart Cat Cookie stencil will serve you well.

The beauty of the Heart Cat Cookie stencil is that it allows you to beautifully decorate dozens of cookies in mere minutes. Once you have your cookies made and have put a basecoat of icing on them, all you need to do is lay the stencil over each cookie, center the design, and use a fine-tipped icing applicator to stencil the design onto the cookie. And if you want a little variety, you can decorate half the cookies using our Heart Teddy Bear Cookie stencil.

The best part of using this stencil to decorate your cookies, or even small cakes, is that the result will look so incredible everyone will think a professional baker made the cookies. It can be your secret if you want. You can wash the stencil and hide it away until you need it again or you can share the stencil with everyone. Regardless, the stencil is reusable and durable and will last for years.

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