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New Orleans, Jazz, and Mardi Gras are just some of the amazing things that have come out of the fine state of Louisiana. With its unique history of American, French, African, and French-Canadian cultures, Louisiana is a place like no other. And now you can show your love for and pride in your state with our Louisiana State stencil.

The Louisiana State stencil depicts the intricate borders of the state in fine detail. Whether you want to paint a solid shape or paint an outline of the state, this stencil will make is easy to do in just minutes. If you want to get create and stencil a map of the Southeastern states, you can use our other state stencils, such as the Mississippi State stencil and the Texas State stencil, to do it with style.

There are so many uses for the Louisiana State stencil. Paint it onto a wall or window in a tourist center, a travel agency, or a government office. Paint it outside for everyone to see. Create signs and posters you can use during elections, sports events, or Mardi Gras. Anything is possible because with the right paint you can stencil this design onto any surface you wish, such as walls, glass, metal, canvas, concrete, wood, and plastic. And because we make it in the following sizes, you can find whatever size you need for the task at hand:

    • 6"x6"
    • 8"x8"
    • 12"x12"
    • 15"x15"
    • 20"x20"
    • 25"x25"
    • 30"x30"
    • 35"x35"

    So, get your Louisiana State pride on in all of your DIY projects with our Louisiana State stencil. Simply secure the stencil, paint, and enjoy the beauty of what you have created. Just be ready to lend the stencil to your friends and family for their own creative endeavors. And don't worry, the stencil is durable, washable, and reusable, so you'll get it back in one piece.

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