Mandala Sun and Moon Stencil

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The Jesus fish, also known as an ichthys, has been a symbol or Christianity since the 2nd century AD. The symbol represents Jesus, whose Apostles were fishermen and were the people Jesus told he would make “fishers among men.” In fact, many stories of Jesus involve fish. When you see this symbol on a car or in another prominent spot, it identifies the person as a Christian. And now, you can paint the Jesus fish in your own DIY way with our mandala sun and moon stencil.

The stencil depicts the fish symbol with religious & spiritual stencil in the center. It is a seriously great design that you can paint absolutely anywhere. Want it on your car? Then forget bumper stickers! You can paint it right on your car, big or small. Paint it on a sign to hang inside or outside your house, on the side of your garage, on t-shirts, or on canvas, wood, or metal to create awesome Jesus Fish art. What about greeting cards? You can do that, too. Paint it in the window of a store or ice it onto a cake – yes, the stencil is food-grade quality.

There are no limits! All you need is the right stencil size and the right paint for the surface on which you are painting, and you can go all out. Plus, it's super easy. Just secure the stencil to the surface, paint carefully to preserve the detail, then remove the stencil to find a perfect Jesus fish left behind. Then wash the stencil and save until you want to stencil again. Because you know you'll want to. And so will everyone else you know. It's a good thing this stencil is reusable making it the best DIY investment.

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