Mandala Yoga Stencil

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The cross is a powerful symbol, one that is steeped in history and tradition. We see it in graveyards, on chains around people's necks, hanging on walls, in churches, and in so many other places. Why? Because it is the ultimate symbol of how Jesus died for us. So, if you love Jesus, the cross, and DIY we have just the thing for you. It's our incredible mandala yoga stencil!

Seriously, this stencil design is simple, yet beautiful, and it's ideal for any number of locations. Whether you paint it right on the wall or hang it as art, this is perfect to spruce up any home, cottage, or church. It's also ideal if you are decorating the set of a play and need to paint one or more crosses in the background. You can even make t-shirts for your Bible study group or get your youth group in on it and have everyone make their own.

There is nothing that is off limits when it comes to this stencil design – not even baking. Yes, the stencil is food-grade quality, which means you can ice a cake with this design. Could you find a more perfect design for the cake for a Christening, Baptism, or your pastor's birthday? Just be sure you have the right paint (or icing!) for the surface you are painting and the right stencil size for the job. And don't forget to choose awesome colors.

Everything will be done in minutes, from setup through painting and cleanup. It could be the easiest DIY project you've ever done! And when the stencil is all washed, you can tuck it away and keep it for the next time you want to take care of that stenciling addiction of yours. Because we all know it's an activity you'll want to do again and again and again.

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