Missouri State Stencil

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Nestled in the Midwest, right between Kansas and Illinois, is the wonderful state of Missouri. This state offers residents and visitors a gorgeous mix of plains and the Ozarks, jazz clubs in Kansas City, the National World War I Museum, and the Nelson-Atkins Museum. And who can forget the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis, which overlooks the Mississippi River.

If Missouri is a state that speaks to you, if you love it big and proud, then you will love our fabulous Missouri State stencil. This stencil will let you express your love of this great state your way. Get it in any size you need to suit the project you are working on. We offer the Missouri State stencil in the following sizes:

  • 5” x 6”
  • 8.5” x 11”
  • 18” x 12”
  • 24” x 18”
  • 36” x 24”
  • 48” x 32”
  • 55” x 35”

You can paint this stencil on any surface material, as long as you have the right paint. Walls, windows, making signs and posters. Even decorating a cake is possible with this food-grade stencil. You can pair the Missouri State stencil with surrounding state stencils, such as the Kansas State stencil. You can also get multiple sizes of the Missouri State stencil and paint smaller stencils inside bigger stencils for a creative effect. There are no limits to what you can do.

All you need is to choose your colors, secure the stencil, and paint, paint, paint. And thankfully, the Missouri State stencil is fully reusable, as are all our stencils. That means you will be able to wash it and tuck it away and use it again any time you want. It also means your friends and family will want to borrow it, so consider yourself warned.

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