Moroccan Fill Cookie Stencil


Making cookies is fun and eating them is even more fun. But what is more fun than that is making cookies and eating them with someone we love. We have a way you can make cookies together and decorate them just the way you want to make cookies that are almost too beautiful to eat – yes, ALMOST. When you use our Moroccan Fill Cookie stencil, you will be able to decorate cookies, and even cupcakes, with a fun and fancy pattern that you will be proud of.

The Moroccan Fill Cookie stencil is a durable mylar food-grade stencil that is designed just for use in your baking. The sheet is 5.5” x 5.5” and is perfect for use with cookies that are 3” or 4” in diameter. All you need to do is lay the stencil over the cookie and pipe the icing in to fill the pattern using a fine tip. You can use a basecoat of icing on the cookies and then use a different color for the design. Plus, this will also work on cupcakes.

If you have a special event you are making cookies for, the Moroccan Fill Cookie stencil is perfect. This design is even fancy enough to be used for a posh event, but you can use it just as easily at a child's class party. Plus, you can make a mix of patterned cookies by using any of our other cookie stencils, such as the Moroccan Cookie stencil. And the best part is, this stencil is totally reusable and will last for many years. Just wash it after each use and store it somewhere safe until you or someone you know needs it again.

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