Moroccan Outline Stencil


Need to do something with that wall? Tired of staring at it day in and day out? Maybe it's time to make a change, but you don't need to hire an expensive decorator to do it. Instead, you can use our Moroccan Outline stencil to transform any wall in your home quickly, easily, and with a totally professional finish.

Similar to our Moroccan Fill stencil, our Moroccan Outline stencil offers the basic interlocking geometric design in true Moroccan style, but without the heavy lines. This is perfect for when you want a more delicate, classy look in your decor. And it's not just for walls. You can take a dull, old tile floor and make it come alive with the Moroccan Outline stencil.

The question is, how do you want it to look. Will it be black on white? Light blue on dark blue? Mint green on beige? Or maybe you want a specific color on natural wood. Whatever you choose, you will be able to paint any surface, large or small, in just minutes. The full stencil is 32” x 20”, which is big enough to cover large surfaces quickly. But if you would rather use just one row of the geometric shapes in the design, you can do that, too. Each row or repeat size is 20” x 12”, which is ideal for smaller projects, such as painting the top of a table or the seat of a bench.

You might think the best part of using the Moroccan Outline stencil is the fact that's reusable. Yeah, we know this is a pretty good DIY investment. But the best part really is the fact that you can get your friends involved, which makes using this stencil a design party where you all get to help each other create some magic.

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