Om Mandala Stencil

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"Om" holds a significant place in spiritual cultures, representing the connection between humans, the divine, and the universe. Our om mandala symbol offers a simple and creative way to explore your artistic side and enhance your space with a timeless, meaningful symbol of spiritual enlightenment. Interior design aficionados will find the vibrant, eye-catching graphic lights up any room.

With mandala stencils, you can bring your own creative style to the circle, such as experimenting with color combinations, linking one mandala to another for a pattern effect, or showcasing a few for a feature wall or floor space.

We produce our stencils in durable 10 mm, heat-resistant mylar, laser-cut into a variety of sizes, from a six- inch by six- inch tile version to 35 inches by 35 inches, and everything in-between. These stencils aren't a throwaway item, either -- they're washable, reusable and food safe.

Stencil Graphic Dimensions

  • 6"x6" Actual Dimensions: 5.3" diameter
  • 8"x8" Actual Dimensions: 7.1" diameter
  • 12"x12" Actual Dimensions: 10.9" diameter
  • 15"x15" Actual Dimensions: 13.7" diameter
  • 20"x20" Actual Dimensions: 18.6" diameter
  • 25"x25" Actual Dimensions: 23.75" diameter
  • 30"x30" Actual Dimensions: 28.5" diameter
  • 35"x35" Actual Dimensions: 33.6" diameter

5.00 Average

7 Reviews

Catrina Lee

Cynthia Eastman

So pretty, I will be using this on a pillow. Can’t wait to try it

Carol Livingston

I loved this stencil. The stencil quality is very high so I can use it again. My project worked out really well! I used the 35" version and it adds a nice feel to my yoga patio area.


A quality stencil. While the wood fence I used this on was warped and an uneven surface it still came out great. Washed the stencil and looking forward to using again for an interior wall.

Denise Lanuti

This will be used for a glass project. It’s well made and a perfect size.


I love this Stencil! Using the directions from the website, it was super easy!

Vivek Sharma

This is an excellent stencil. Nicely made on thick material. Fast delivery. Email signing discount and 20% code on future purchases. Will buy more.

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