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Mandalas, like the one depicted in this Paradise Mandala stencil are a beautiful, colorful way to express yourself and display your love of Eastern spirituality (if that's your thing). Mandalas typically feature radial symmetry and delicately interwoven patterns. They always look great on walls, natural wood surfaces, or even the cover of your favorite notebook. Simply select a size from the options above and get painting!

Love mandalas? If you'd like to get extra creative, try combining your Paradise Mandala with any of our others. For example, check out the intricate details in our Bliss Mandala or even our Om Mandala stencil. Side by side, they look amazing. They're also fun to use in different rooms of the house or painted lovingly on the doors of your kitchen cabinets. When you're done mandalifying your life, take a picture and tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #stencilrevolution.

Every mandala stencil we sell is built from the same durable, washable Mylar that we've come to love here at StencilRevolution. It's the perfect stencil material because it's both lightweight and extremely sturdy. You'll be able to use and reuse your Paradise Mandala stencil almost indefinitely. Simply clean with warm, soapy water and reuse whenever you're feeling crafty.

If you're ready order, select a size from one of the options above. You'll want to bear in mind however, that the listed sizes are for the entire sheet of Mylar; not the Paradise Mandala artwork itself. The actual design is a little smaller, as we include a .75” inside margin with each of our stencils. To help you pick the right size for your project, use the following list of real dimensions:

  • 6"x6" Actual Dimensions: 5.3" diameter
  • 8"x8" Actual Dimensions: 7.1" diameter
  • 12"x12" Actual Dimensions: 10.9" diameter
  • 15"x15" Actual Dimensions: 13.7" diameter
  • 20"x20" Actual Dimensions: 18.6" diameter
  • 25"x25" Actual Dimensions: 23.75" diameter
  • 30"x30" Actual Dimensions: 28.5" diameter
  • 35"x35" Actual Dimensions: 33.6" diameter

4.90 Average

10 Reviews


The stencil is stunning, came promptly, packaged with care, and it eorked perfectly! Thank you!

Heather Pennington

This stencil is so beautiful!

Melody Olsen


I like the outcome! I did this on a newly painted cement floor. I plan to use it again on a newly cedar-shingled exterior wall....will be challenging but surely stunning. I will mention that when received, a couple of pieces of the stencil had been cut but not removed, which i didn't notice until after it was painted, so I had to touch up...I just mention that so other buyers will look theirs over well before starting.

Katherine Black

The stencil was perfect and east to use. It came very quickly after ordering.



*ordered two stencils, posting this review twice :) I wanted to wait to review till I actually used it, but my project has stalled! I can say that shipping was fast, even during quarantine, and that the stencil material is thick enough to hold up for many uses. I ordered two sizes and they came rolled up, but as soon as I opened the package they flattened right out. I have them taped up where they’re gonna go and cannot wait to use them, will definitely purchase from Stencil Revolution again!

John S

Using different colors wthin one application creats dramatic enhancements of the overall pattern, and multiple color combinations. Easy to clean up, and reuse


I used the 25x25 stencil, which arrived on-time, rolled up and wrapped in paper. Stencil was in perfect condition and didn't take long to lay flat. All of the punch-outs were removed. The stencil material is pliable enough to use on different types of surfaces, but rigid enough to not allow much bleeding when used correctly. I used a re-positional adhesive to help the stencil stay in place on the canvas I was working on. This is a beautiful, intricate design. The finished result looks great and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Stencil Revolution!

Kristi Wallace

This is the first stencil I ordered and I could not be happier! Easy to use, easy to clean and what a price! P.S. Recently, I had an opportunity interact with a Stencil Revolution employee named Nickie who was just fantastic, even though the error was mine! Love this company.

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