Rounded Star Pattern Stencil


Stars make such a pretty pattern, especially on a wall. Stars are not only very American, they also make you think of space and the great unknown, the beauty of the night sky and the vastness of existence. When you want to bring stars into your decor, we have just the way for you to do that – with our Rounded Star Pattern stencil.

The Rounded Star Pattern stencil is designed so that you can paint an entire wall with this pattern in just a few minutes. The pattern on the stencil is 18” by 31” and each individual star is 4.5” by 4.25”. Just think of how much wall space you can cover with each use of the stencil. Plus, the registration marks on the stencil ensure it is properly lined up and the spacing is perfect every single time.

The Rounded Star Pattern would be ideal in a child's bedroom, either on the wall or the ceiling, or even on the top of their dresser or a table. You can also use it in a planetarium, science museum, or children's museum. Paint it in a color that contrasts the base color of the wall. You can even paint it in glow-in-the-dark paint, making these start truly light up the night “sky.”

Wherever you choose to use the Rounded Star Pattern stencil, you will see faces light up with smiles of joy. And don't forget about our other wall stencils, such as our Twinkle Stars stencil. When you're finished with it, you can wash it and save it for a future project or pass it on to someone else you know who would love to paint a night sky for their little one. This is a fabulous DIY investment that will last for years.

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