Scandinavian Mosaic Tile Stencil

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BORING! Is that what you say every time you walk into that one room in your home. It's that room that is blah. It hasn't had a facelift in so many years, you wonder if you will ever do anything with it. Well, we promise you can, and it all starts with the floor. Yes, the floor is often overlooked, but it is a part of the room that can automatically transform its appearance. And you can do it yourself, inexpensively and quickly with our Scandinavian Mosaic Tile stencil.

This stencil is so beautiful! It has an arrangement of nine different squares, each with its own unique floral design that immediately captures the eye. It will seriously spice up any decor, although you are welcome to check out our other tile stencils, such as the Kasper Tile stencil. And all you need to do to use it is secure it to the surface and paint. The stencil has registration marks so you can expertly line it up every time you shift it.

Seriously, the variety in this stencil will look smashing on any floor, whether you have plain ceramic tiles, plain linoleum, a wood floor, or even concrete. All you need is the right type of paint for the flooring material. Then you need to choose a stencil size. We offer the Scandinavian Mosaic Tile stencil in three sizes, all of which conform to standard tile dimensions. They are:

  • 8” x 8”
  • 12” x 12”
  • 16” x 16”

And you don't have to be plain when painting. You can do this design in color, perhaps using a range of blues or greens or another color for the different squares in the design. No matter how you do it, you can cover an entire floor quickly and it will look amazing once you are finished. Then you can wash the stencil and use it for another project or pass it on to a friend.

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