Scandinavian Thistle Pattern Wall Stencil


There are many ways to change the look of a room. You can rearrange the furniture or get new furniture. You can get some art to hang. You can change the curtains or get a new light fixture. And of course, you can paint the room. But what if you did more than change the color of the walls? What if you added a design to one or two walls in the room that would completely transform the space? Well, now you can, thanks to our scandinavian thistle pattern wall stencil.

This stencil is designed to offer you a fabulous and decorative pattern that brings nature right into your home or cottage, whether you are painting it in your bedroom, your living room, your entryway or basement, or another room in your home. You will almost feel like you are outside when you sit in this room, the stencil design is so realistic and awesome. Plus, you can even use it in other places, such as a community center or a business.

If you are worried painting with this stencil will take too long, don't sweat it. The stencil is big enough to paint a large area in one go and the registration marks allow you to get the alignment and spacing perfect every single time you move the stencil to a new spot. This means you will get a professional look every single time and you can do it quickly and easily. This is something you would pay a professional hundreds of dollar for, and you can DIY for the cost of the stencil and some paint.

So, choose your paint colors, and when you're ready, secure the stencil and paint carefully to preserve the detail. And because this stencil is durable and reusable, you can wash it with warm, soapy water, using paint remover if needed, and either store it away or pass it on to someone you know so they can redecorate in style.

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