Spider Web Cookie Stencil


Making cookies and cupcakes is a tradition at Halloween, whether you are making them for your child's class Halloween party or your own Halloween event. But sometimes it can be a challenge to decorate them in a cool way that people will love yet doesn't take hours and hours of your time. Well, now you can decorate your cookies and even your cupcakes with a classic and beautiful spider web pattern with our incredibly intricate Spider Web Cookie stencil.

The Spider Web Cookie stencil is 5.5” x 5.5”, made of durable food-grade mylar, and provides you with a very delicate spider web that you can easily apply to the tops of 3” or 4” cookies or the tops of large cupcakes. Simply apply a base coat of icing and apply a complementary color with the stencil design using an icing bag and fine tip. Imagine using white webbing on black, purple webbing on white, orange webbing on black or purple. There is no limit to the combinations you can use. Plus, you can mix and match the colors.

It will take just minutes to ice a few dozen cookies. Yet, the effect will look so professional that people will think you bought the cookies or had them made at a bakery. Best of all, the Spider Web Cookie stencil can be used over and over again for years to come, making it a fantastic DIY investment in your Halloween baking. All you need to do is wash it after each use and store it away somewhere safe. Of course, you know that once your friends know your cookie decorating secret, they will want to borrow your stencil. Just be sure you get it back because there is no doubt that you'll want to use it again.

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