Buck Stencil


Created in the U.S. our stencils are laser cut from mylar which is a reusable and easy to clean material. The Buck stencil will help you create the perfect stencil project. It's flexible for different canvases yet durable enough to work for hundreds of paintings. Great for hunters the deer head stencil is perfect for creating that outdoor theme. The buck has 8 points and is also a very easy stencil to use. Even though it’s a simple silhouette, the buck head leaves the perfect impression. This stencil will work great for walls or can be even used on a trailer or other hunting related items.


Our buck stencils are made with reusable mylar and you can choose from either 7.5 mil which provides more flex or 10 mil for a more rigid stencil. These stencils are great for all kinds of crafts and DIY projects. Since the stencil can be reused many times the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to application. If you need a specific size for your stencil of a buck then just contact us and we’ll create what you need. Sizes are based on sheet size and we stretch the buck as big as possible. We leave just enough room around the edge for you to get your stencil ready for use. This buck works great for walls, canvases and many other surfaces.

About Our Stencils

Our stencils are made to order with just a 1 business day production time. We cut all stencils in the USA right out of our shop, based in New York.