Panda Stencil



With our Panda stencil you'll be able to paint a project in minutes. All you need is is a good paint product that works for your specific surface and the stencil will take care the rest. We cut our stencils from NY and to offer 1-day turnaround on in stock stencils. We use Mylar which is a strong material that lasts you for years when properly cared for.


Our panda stencils are made with reusable mylar and you can choose from either 7.5 mil which provides more flex or 10 mil for a more rigid stencil. These stencils are great for all kinds of crafts and DIY projects. Since the stencil can be reused many times the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to application. If you need a specific size for your stencil of a panda then just contact us and we’ll create what you need. Sizes are based on sheet size and we stretch the panda as big as possible. We leave just enough room around the edge for you to get your stencil ready for use. This panda works great for walls, canvases and many other surfaces.