World Map Stencil



This is by far one of our most popular stencil designs being that it can be used in so many fun ways. The world map stencil is great for walls and just about anything you want to give a worldly feeling to. It’s an incredibly detailed map with a near exact replica outline of every continent and body of water. Made from durable mylar (a plastic like material) this stencil is perfect for walls and other surfaces. We offer it in a variety of sizes as small as 5″x6″ which works great for smaller crafts and then we go all the way up to 36″x24″ for putting the world map on a wall.

Actual World Map Dimensions

To help you plan your craft project perfectly, here are the exact dimensions for each world map design size.

5″ x 6″

World Map Graphic: 5.25″ x 2.9″

8.5″ x 11″

World Map Graphic: 9.7″ x 5.33″

12″ x 12″

World Map Graphic: 10.75″ x 5.9″

18″ x 12″

World Map Graphic: 17″ x 9.3″

24″ x 18″

World Map Graphic: 22.5″ x 12.35″

36″ x 24″

World Map Graphic: 32″ x 17.56″

About our stencils

Our stencils are made to order with just a 1 business day production time. This means after you order your stencil, weäó»ll have it in the mail within 24 hours (Mon-Sat). We cut all stencils in the USA right out of our shop, based out of Florida. The material we use is mylar, an extremely durable plastic that is washable and will last for hundreds of uses if kept clean. For cutting our weapon of choice is a c02 laser cutting machine. Combine this with our roots in stencils that trace back to 2002 and you have some of the most precision cut stencils around.

Sizing is based on the sheet size. The graphic has a minimum .75äó_ border to allow for proper masking. Common uses are fabric, decor, cookies/cakes, and DIY crafts of all types.