Love Rat

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World famous graffiti artist Banksy has captured the world’s attention with his graffiti, legal and illegal, in cities across the globe. The artist had many recurring motifs and themes in his work, such as criticizing war, government, political figures, and more, but he does not often use recurring characters. Perhaps that is what makes Banksy’s rats so special; they can be found throughout New York, London, and beyond in different poses and with different messages, but they are surely rats. Rats inhabit the cities; they are sneaky, ugly, dirty, and they are everywhere. No matter how much people dislike these creatures, they must learn to live with them, because rats survive.

In Banksy’s Love Rat piece, first discovered in Liverpool, UK, is simple enough. It features a rat holding a red paintbrush in his two little paws, and on the wall, he has drawn a heart. The heart is dripping with red paint (bleeding?), probably due to the rat’s unsteady paws, but it is bold and complete. In this image, people see a city rat that stands for love, and perhaps they see themselves.

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