Banksy Art Prints

Madonna and Child

The Madonna and Child by 1500s painter Rafael is another of the many masterpieces remixed by Banksy. This oil painting made appearances in both his 2005 Banksy Crude Oils exhibition in Notting Hill and the 2009 Banksy Versus Bristol Museum. A lot of people who venerate images of the Virgin Mary and Her Infant Jesus […]

Pulp Fiction Bananas

Pulp Fiction Bananas by Banksy appeared in London in April of 2007. The artwork was removed by Transport for London as it was deemed too violent. Banksy quickly returned, as did the art. The ongoing depictions of graffiti art continue to appear throughout London, and authorities continue to remove them, only to find the art […]

London Phone Booth

The original Banksy London Phone Booth caused quite a stir during its brief lifespan in 2006. Appearing overnight on a street in Soho, London, this bent and broken British Telecommunications phone booth laid forlornly on its side, axe protruding from its side, blood pooling underneath. Featured in the Banksy film “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, […]

London Calling

Banksy certainly has his finger on the pulse of society, as is evidenced in London Calling. Banksy effortlessly mixes original rock and roll, punk music, and the modern in this iconic piece of graffiti art. The piece itself, done in stark black and white stencil, shows a man dashing an office chair to the ground. […]

Living The Dream

When Banksys documentary film Exit Through the Gift Shop” was nominated for an Academy Award during the 2011 Oscars, Los Angeles was bombed” with several pieces of graffiti by the artist. The most prominent and controversial among them was Living The Dream. It was spotted on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard advertising The Light Group, […]

Little House on the Prairie Fenced

The mysterious and world famous UK-based graffiti artist known as Banksy has been tagging the worlds cities with provocative art for some years now. His work often deals with controversial themes such as how war affects the day-to-day lives of children and families. Banksy has explored this theme in his work more than once, including […]

La American Flag Gold

La American Flag Gold first appeared in London, England. The initial sense of the print’s irony is not lost on those familiar with American history. Using shades of black and yellow, the artist creates a caricature of the famous photo of U.S. Marines lifting the American flag after the battle of Iwo Jima. In place […]

Thug For Life Bunny

UK-based graffiti artist Banksy is easily the most famous graffiti artist in the world. His work has appeared in cities all over in city streets or in his own exhibitions. Banksy is known for creating controversial art that is socially conscious and often politically motivated. One theme in his work seems to be the negative […]

Kneeling Angles

In May 2008, Banksy organized an urban art festival that showcased street art by 40 of the worlds top graffiti artists. The walls of an unused Eurostar underground tunnel beneath Waterloo Station in London were used as the canvas for these graffiti masterpieces. The event was dubbed The Can Festival, obviously a play on the […]

Kate Moss

Kate Moss by Banksy was created by the artist in 2011 while the world-renowned supermodel was on her honeymoon. The special work was a surprise for the model, which was showcased in her bathroom which she was remodeling at the time. She is a lover of his work, and has been described as one of […]

Jungle Book Execution

Jungle Book Execution by Banksy first appeared on a British Greenpeace flyer in 2002. It was controversial at the time, with the press wondering if Banksy had gone too far. The painting shows a clearcut forest. Jungle Book characters, drawn in Disney style, are bound and lined up for beheading. A hooded man holds an […]

Jesus Christ with Shopping Bags

In 2005 Banksy produced Jesus Christ with Shopping Bags, a stenciled work depicting Jesus Christ crucified and with outstretched arms holding shopping bags. The image features a haloed Jesus in black and white, with his body and shopping bags melting, with a gray background. In this work Banksy is criticizing the commercialism in society and […]