This’ll Look Nice When Its Framed

Like This Banksy Art?

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Banksy created another British Invasion when he took the United States by storm in 2010. Beginning in April, art lovers throughout San Francisco undertook a citywide treasure hunt for Banksys works.

Banksy’s This’ll Look Nice When Its Framed appeared in the Mission District at Valencia and 20th streets. Jauntily perched on the roof of the Amnesia Bar, painted on the clapboard side of the neighboring home, this graffiti art featured a black-and-white stenciled youth holding a can of paint and a brush. The words are scrawled above and to the left of the child, who glares defiantly at anyone who looks his way.

Is the boy daring anyone who sees him to call the police? Is he expressing Banksys own frustration at societys lack of appreciation for the role of graffiti in beautifying otherwise drab, run-down neighborhoods? Perhaps the child is daring the adults who pass by to see that beauty and talent are not confined to the art worlds definition of art and beauty.

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