American Flag Stencil

Stencil Size

One of the most patriotic stencils we have (obviously), our American flag stencil allows you to create a two layer design. One with the actual flag then a second layer with the stars. The US flag can be made in both large or small sizes and leaves an awesome finished stencil design.

We also have stencil with only the 50 stars of the American flag if your project only requires the star portion. This is a great versatile stencil to show your country pride and also great for making craft gifts for your friends and family. While easy to use, leaving the impression of the US flag can make even the simplest object special. We have created our American flag stencil to the US specifications so you know your flag is proportionately sized correctly.

American flag stencils, cut in America, on a machine that was made in America. It can be painted single color for an easy application or if you're feeling sparky you could try painting it as two layers. This would require painting the stripes, letting dry, then painting the star portion.

American Flag Design Graphic Dimensions

  • 5"x6" Actual Dimensions: 5.3" width x 2.8" height
  • 8.5"x11" Actual Dimensions: 9.8" width x 5.1" height
  • 18"x12" Actual Dimensions: 16.4" width x 8.5" height
  • 24"x18" Actual Dimensions: 21.8" width x 11.4" height
  • 36"x24" Actual Dimensions: 33.5" width x 17.4" height
  • 48"x32" Actual Dimensions: 45.6" width x 23.7" height
  • 55"x35" Actual Dimensions: 52.3" width x 27.2" height

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