French Bee Trellis Stencil


Design size: 31.5” x 21”

Sometimes you just want to transform a boring, ho-hum room into something that is eye-catching. After all, it can get pretty unbearable staring at the same blank walls for years on end. Why not add come pizzazz to a room in your home with our fantastic French Bee Trellis stencil. This stencil design is made to be used on large surfaces, which means you can completely change the look of a room in just a few minutes.

The French Bee Trellis design is particularly perfect if you have a fondness for bees and nature. The design offers up bees connected by lines to form a diamond pattern. The stencil is 31.5” x 21” and each bee is 3” x 2”. All you need to do to use the stencil is paint the wall the desired base color, then using a contrasting color to paint the design on. The registration marks on the stencil make it easy to get the spacing and alignment perfect every time.

Plus, the French Bee Trellis stencil design can be used in other ways. You can use it on a garden wall or the side of your shed or garage. You can also use it to decorate furniture, such as a table top or bench seat. The possibilities are endless. If your imagination can come up with it, you can do it.

The key to using the French Bee Trellis template is to ensure you have the right paint for the surface. And once you are finished, no one will know you did it yourself, because it will look so good, they'll think a professional did it. We won't tell if you won't. And you can easily wash the stencil and tuck it away until you want to work some bee magic again. Or until you lend it to someone you know, but only if you want to let your secret out.

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