Music Notes Stencil

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Including a treble clef, quarter note, sixteenth note, bass clef, and half note, this Music Notes stencil is essentially just 7 gorgeous stencils for the price of one. Use one at a time, or use them all in concert to create a musical-themed designed on whatever surface you can think of: canvas, concrete, drywall, wood paneling… you name it! This stencil has been tested on hundreds of surfaces and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

On that note, it's worth mentioning that the Music Notes stencil is constructed from the same tough, 10mm-thick Mylar used in our other products. Feel free to reuse the designs over and over, slowly covering everything you own with hard evidence of your crippling addiction to music. An addiction we'd love to see— tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #stencilrevolution for a chance to be featured on our account. We can't wait to witness your sickness creativity for ourselves!

When you're done, a little soap and warm water should help remove any excess paint without damaging the stencil itself. However, our stencils are so tough that you're free to apply even the heaviest-duty paint thinner without worrying about damage.

Before you purchase, remember to select a size for your stencil from the list above. You'll want to keep in mind that all our stencils have a .75” border between the artwork and the edge of the Mylar sheet. In other words, the listed sizes are for the entire stencil, not the artwork itself. For this reason, it may be a good idea to order one size larger than you think you need.

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